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Thursday, May 13, 2010

digital sketch of caricaturist Jaume Cullell

This is my third digital sketch tonight. I got warmed up by the previous 2 sketches, and my hand can't stop. :D
thumbnail sketches of Jaume Cullell
Some thumbnail sketches of Jaume, to get familiar of his structure and form, as well as his features.
digital sketch of Jaume Cullell - 1
Eventually, I chose this angle to work on. His sharp and pointed nose and big jaw are very well shown here.
Chamfered his cap further.....
digital sketch of Jaume Cullell - 2
I didn't see him before. He told me he's 190cm, 100kg, big man.
Indeed very big.
Thus, I give him a big body, like a bear, working on a small Wacom tablet. Hahaha....
digital sketch of Jaume Cullell - 3
Adding in the shades.
digital sketch of Jaume Cullell - 4
This looks quite cool to add in colour..... more to come tomorrow.:)

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