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Monday, May 31, 2010

Caricature theme - cycling @ East Coast Park

Client's brief:-
"Trying to come out with some descriptions to you... Here it goes:

- Cycling at East Coast Park. With some Casuarina trees somewhere at the background.
- I am cycling in front. In a BMX rental bicycle.
- With a Triangle P plate (aka just pass driving plate) hanging near the seat bottom of the bike (place where the red reflect plate normally is).
- My bike will have a front black basket which normally hang a baby blue sports towel + with a water bottle dump in the basket. (See attached bottle, in Excel Sheet)
- I'm in brown collar shirt and jeans shorts. In white/blue stripes rubble sandals with back strap.
- Wearing khaki Nike cap.

- He is cycling behind me. In a similar but higher bicycle too.
- His bicycle has the traffic police motor bike light signal behind ("Red signal blub like on a wire rod"). See attach, in Excel Sheet.
- He will sling the Canon 1D camera across the chest like a bag. (with Canon EOS strap. See attached, in Excel Sheet)
- He in maroon polo shirt with 3/4 khaki pants. In sports shoes.
- Wearing a EOS black cap.

Both of us love watermelons. Any ideas to incorporate it somewhere~?

At the right-bottom hand corner, please put the text as follows in Blue:
With Luv, Di & Ying. 3rd Anniversary. Year 2010. "

Couple caricatures cycling @ East Coast Park A3
Lots of mini details in this caricature.

Client's response upon seeing this artwork:-
"Oh, this is very cute! Thanks a lot! Thank you very much!"

Her feedback via email:-
".....Thanks for the lovely art piece!~"


Dox Dodger said...
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jit said...

Thank you, Toks.:)

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