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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caricature theme - Ski + Singlish + "The Sail"

Client's client:-
As spoken, we need a caricature for a friend who is leaving Singapore back to Europe.
Colour with marker, A3 with the following details.

So details we want to include

1. SQ plane (must show that it is SQ).
2. Sunny Singapore Island- Merlion, ERP, dim sum, flyer, "The Sail" (the condo). Condo must have, the rest up to you. But idea is to be representative of Singapore.

3. Character should be wearing ear plugs.
4. One hand has ice-cream cone, the other hand will have a yellow gym bag. In this bag, there will be a book about "Singlish".
5. He should be wearing a t-shirt which says "I Love RAU". Similar to the I love NYC tee-shirt.
6. He must be wearing snow skis."

caricature - Singlish snow ski The Sail icecream
Lots of stuff, but I selectively picked the more important items.

Client's response upon seeing it:-
"Wow! Very nicely done! Next time we will get in touch with you again!"

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