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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Caricatures in pencil & ink

An oversea client's (a graphic artist by profession) brief:-
"I would be interested in commissioning you for a single caricature of me. I have already commissioned numerous caricaturists to render me, and would love to add your version to my collection.

I would like a pencil caricature, with no theme, and then an inked version of the same drawing. No color, just black and white – so I would want both a scan of the original sketch, and one of the finished inked drawing. I assume you send these as TIFs or JPGs via email?

I am attaching some very recent portrait photos taken of me for reference."

"First, I am continually amazed at the speed and quality with which you turn out new caricatures. Usually you get speed, without quality. Or quality, without speed. You appear to have been graced with the ability to combine both quite well.

Whenever you do get around to producing my caricature, please be sure to save digital versions of the pencil sketch (or digital pencil sketch) and the inked version."

Caricature of David Robert Wooten in pencil
The pencil version.
I forgot that the client doesn't want any hand gestures.
Since what he wanted is the digital copy, I erased and cross-hatched in the lines with my Cintiq.
Caricature of David Robert Wooten in pencil (edited)

Caricature of David Robert Wooten in ink
The ink and brush version.

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