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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caricature theme - wedding in winter sonata

Client's brief:-
"Due to wedding budget constraints, we thought of not doing the caricature but as a surprise i would like to give it to my fiance as his Valentine's Day gift and also before our wedding day so this has to be completed preferably by early Feb.

Winter sonata pictures (attached) - to use the same background with two rows of trees and snow because this was the place where he proposed to me.
Please have the overall background in very light tinges of pink so it has a pink and white theme.
On the bottom right of the page to have a cute monkey and a cute bunny probably approximately 2-3 inches height on the A3 page but its to your discretion. Monkey represents me as that is my animal year and Bunny to represent him as that's his animal year.

Groom Details :
PB160556.jpg - Groom's hair and expression
_CLP0175.jpg - Groom's suit

Bride Details :
Peonies.jpg - Bride to hold a bouquet of pastel pink peonies bouquet
_CLP0079.jpg - Bride's hairstyle
_CLP0073.jpg & _CLP0083.jpg - Bride's gown & more references for Bride's hairstyle in caricature
_CLP0301.jpg - Bride's expression"

Couple wedding caricatures @ winter sonata A4
Couple wedding caricatures @ winter sonata on rubber stamp & ink refill
Caricatures printed on pink colour self-inking rubber stamp + ink refill.

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