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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caricatures for Singapore Exchange (SGX) and CNBC

This job was rather stressful, as the client was not happy with the sketch done by another caricaturist (not sure who he/she is), and came to me. It was more depressing, as before I started on the pencil sketch, I was told that there will definitely be changes to it.
This was my challenge - to aim for no changes!

I spent quite some time on this pencil sketch. Just need to make sure that the resemblance of these CNBC news reporters are there, and the rest all properly done up, including the SGX building. (Previous piece was a photo super-imposed in the background)
The framing lady will insert a banner like what you see on CNBC channel, with price quotes and latest news update. But for this one, they will put 'live broadcast from SGX".

It is meant to be a gift from SGX to CNBC to welcome them to do live broadcast in SGX.
caricatures for SGX - 4 CNBC news reporter pencil sketch
Ï am lucky.
Client's feedback on the pencil sletch:-
"Hi Jit
Well-done. We all love it!"

Caricatures for Singapore Exchange & CNBC A3
I proceed with the inking and colouring.

Client's feedback upon seeing this artwork:-
"Wow, very good! You are very very very good! I am very impressed!"

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