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Monday, March 03, 2008

Revised cover sketch for CNB

Client's feedback:-
".....I also preferred options B and C, but the client's view was that they want to reinforce the idea of friends supporting each other and saying no to drugs together. If you have a different idea of how to show a group of four friends together that you think will look better, then let's go with that and hopefully the client will like it too; otherwise, I guess just amend the option A sketch as mentioned below......
....please proceed with a different design showing a group of four friends (preferrably a mix of boys and girls). The other elements (i.e. title "Be Cool, Say No!", showing the kids happy/cool with their decision to say no to drugs, etc) remain the same....."

Be Cool, Say No revised sketch
From the artist point of view, I like this pencil sketch a lot.
Raw, sketchy, but can feel the message I wanted to convey through the strokes.
Maybe a bit abstract for you to understand and to see it.
Hopefully, the final illustration comes out as good as this too.
However, usually the final artwork needs to be a lot more refined. I can foresee a different feel when the latter is done.

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