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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Caricature theme - 21st birthday

Caricature 21st Brithday Teddy bears
Clients' brief:-
"We would like to have a A3 caricature done of our friend in colour marker and with a theme.
It is her 21st birthday and its going to be her birthday present.
Some details we would like to have:
-to be in a birthday party setting complete with birthday cake, decorations and presents
- with a banner 'Happy 21st Birthday Xiu!' above
- Can she be in a nice pink dress cause its her favourite colour?
- as part of the decorations, maybe you could include pink balloons
- also we would like to have 3 teddy bears at the corner of the picture with little bows around their necks cause teddy bears have a special significance to us! Maybe the teddies can be together with the pile of presents."

Hopefully they are happy about the final product, as I have tried to fit in whatever they requested.

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