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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moving out!

Tomorrow (27th March 2008) will be my last day in China Square Food Centre.
Initial plan is 28th March, but I have to sketch for a wedding event in that evening.
No choice, but have to bring forward 1 day.
Thank you Ivan, Lee Lee, Wilfred, Adam for their helping hands in packing and shifting, voluntarily.
Thank you my 2 sisters-in-laws and my wife for helping me to paint my SOHO, and clear the mess.
Thank you my parents-in-laws in looking after the 2 kids, so that I can concentrate on the transition.

2 years and 5 months. Time really flies.
This shop has brought awareness of its (Portrait Workshop) existence to the public, and of course with the help of my SEO efforts to my website.
Think the shop has done its job, and it is time to give me a new challenge - from retail shop to SOHO. Quite crazy and risky, and let's see if it works.
And I look forward to my new working environment.


Dark Knight said...

You're welcomed !

Nana Syafiqa said...

hi there, I am looking around to find an artist to sketch me and my boyf just as I found you, you are moving. OMG. Any idea where you are moving too? Or is this the last? Do reply to

Love, Nana.

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