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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carucature theme - travel

Caricatures couple travel
Both of them loves travel.
They have been to many places like China, Thailand, Japan, US, Australia.
I drew in Great Wall of China, Thai temple, Mount Fuji, San Francisco Bridge, and Sydney Opera House.
All of them are these respective countries landmark.
She wanted him with muscular arms. Both holding maps.
I made some changes for this travelling theme, instead of both in one direction, I have them going in different directions. Why? Because both of them are traveling based on map. They may bound to have times when they view the map differently. Visually, in terms of graphic, it looks better too. Some divergence. Not so boring.
She requested this artwork to be scanned into softcopy for her, printed into puzzle and framed the latter up.
Too bad, that I forgot to take a snapshot of it. So, no chance to post it up here.

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