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Monday, March 03, 2008

One of the culprits that fuels inflation.....

Went to Far East Square management office to update my cashcard for season parking (the old cashcard was 5 years old, was expired.)
The friendly receptionist told me that the season parking rate has been adjusted. Huh?! Again!!!
From $199, they raised it to $240. 11 months later (as what she told me), the new rate is $290!
What's next? Another 20%? Do they need the money so badly? Keeps jacking up the prices. Not that their parking lots fully taken up. The top 2 decks still have empty parking lots everyday.
Think one fine day, we will have to pay $500 for monthly season parking in CBD pretty soon, if this goes on without any control.

Thank goodness I am leaving this month end. Bye bye. You won't hurt my pocket anymore.
Crude oil and commodity prices are already fueling inflation these 2 years. When the country's economy slows down, next thing is stagflation, then hyperinflation......companies earnings hurt. .....cut down expenses and overheads......cut your pay and bonus......retrenchment......cut down personal expenses........sell your cars, take public transport and no more parking in CBD...... in the end....... who dropped the stone on his own feet?

Time to tighten your belt. The bear has come, and we will be experiencing what we have gone through after the financial crisis in 1997. Another 6-7 years of downturn......

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