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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Caricature live sketching for HSBC Insurance D&D

An hour event at Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom.
The event company initially engaged 2 caricaturists from me.
On Monday, they called me to get one more artist for additional $100.
However, this is not the market rate, and I can't find any caricaturists at this rate.
So they turned to other sources.
Then on Monday night, a returned customer (Derrick's wife) called me to enquire my rate, but exceeded her budget.

When Reggie and me reached the venue today, we saw that Derrick and his wife, and the other 2 caricaturists. What a small ring! Anyway, this 2 caricaturists' rate weren't $100 per hour.

Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D caricaturists
The event organiser wanted to dress us in clown suits, but I rejected. We are artists, and not clown. Our job is to draw.
They compromised.
Now, we have to put on beret and suspender (provided by the event company) for this event.
This green beret is definitely not a good colour for me. Hahaha.....
No choice. This is the only colour left for me.
Luckily Reggie brought his own beret, and let me have the black beret.
Meet some of the few caricaturists in town. Quite rare that few caricaturists meet together in an event. Of course must have a snapshot. (Next time don't know how many years later. We will be older by then!)
From left:- William, Reggie, William, and Jit (me la!)
Considered quite a big event, as usually event organiser only engaged 1 caricaturist for an event.
The biggest event I have done was for Singapore General Hospital. That was few years back, when they engaged 6 caricaturists. From what I can recall, they were Welles, Reggie, Zaki, Wilson, Eric and me.

Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D 1
The organiser asked me to change location and sit near the entrance, while sketching this guy.

Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D 2
Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D 3
Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D 4
I like this caricature. The couple can really smile right from the start till the end.
This made me feel less stressed when sketching them.
As such, the result came out quite good.

Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D 5
They were sketched by another caricaturist, but done individually.
But upon seeing the previous couple caricatures, they wanted to get one done together too, and he said to his wife "這個比較像" Thank you..
Only knew that they were the bosses when I overheard that the previous couple said "這是老板和老板娘" when they were laid on the table for drying.

Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D 6
Definitely a good face for caricature. He just looked so comical to me at first glance.
Small eyes, thick lower lip, and long chin. Best caricature done this evening!

Carciature livesketching HSBC Insurance D&D 7
One caricature has been collected. He can't wait to get hold of it. Came back a few times to check with me whether it has dried up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your caricature! Good works!

Mr Not So Comical Anymore :)

jit said...

You are welcome, Ifione.:)

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