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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Group caricatures - tennis players

Caricatures group tennis players
Another urgent job.
1 day delivery, in fact less than 24 hours.
A girt to their godmother, from these 3 boys.

The client's request:-
"I called earlier on to request for an express service caricature potrait in pencil with theme. I would also like the $60 frame which you last mentioned to me, something about the silver border or something, which goes well with the potrait.

The theme that I want is of 4 people (3 Guys and 1 Woman) carrying tennis racquets and posing.
Attached are photos for your reference. The photo with ONLY 3 guys is the 3 guys to be included in the caricature potrait. The English Lady in the photos with blond hair and green dress is the woman to be included in the caricature potrait.

For the English Lady, Pls take note. She is extremely fussy when it comes to pictures of herself. DO NOT MAKE HER LOOK TOO OLD!! As much as you can, try to make the caricature as similar to her as possible, but if possible, do not make too many wrinkles. Make her look vibrant and young, but not TOO young either, you get what I mean. It has to resemble her one way or another."

See the reason why extreme exaggerated caricature doesn't work here in Singapore. This is one of the typical cases.

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