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Friday, March 21, 2008

Looking good.....

After a few weekends of clearing, this room looked less grotesque.
Dumped a lot of rubbish and left some goodies, still a lot of them refused to left this room. Hahaha........
Wondering what will happen when all the stuffs in my shop are moved back?
Started paintwork today, with the help of my 2 younger sisters-in-law and my wife.
The 2 kids just painting on an old shelf, creating a mess for us to clear up.
Continued the colour scheme which was used in my shop.
See if I can achieve the same feel.
Since my website and business cards are using the same scheme, quite unwise for me to change it anyway.
With the strong and bold orange and black colours painted on, this SOHO looked less like a study room at home. Don't you think so?
The most challenging part of this painting job was the part where the 2 colours and the ceiling met. Used masking tape to mask, but the walls were not really flat. In the end, we have to use our artist hands to do it. Just treat it like a straight line art painting job.
One of my sister-in-laws is an art teacher in Serangoon Junior College. I think she did a better job than me. Hahaha....... you will be surprised. I don't have patience in such jobs.
All done. Next stage is to wait for Ivan and Lee to help me shift those stuff in my shop next week.

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