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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Caricatures for Archipelago

Group caricatures Archipelago 1930s
"Size: A2
Required delivery date: 24 March
Theme: Singapore in the 1930s (See picture 1)
Total number of characters: 7
Type: pencil sketch
Essential elements: 1) Microbrewery at the background (See picture 2)
2) Every character must be carrying an Archipelago glass on his/her hand (See picture 3)
3) Archipelago logo must be seen on the glass (see picture 4)

Character 1
Samsui woman with head gear, buckets
(Female lead role to be in the centre and sketch should abit larger than the other characters

Character 2
Triad leader with overhanging shirt and gold chain

Character 3
Policeman in shorts and helmet

Character 4
Rich lady with hat

Character 5
Fine Young Man with suspenders and hat

Character 6
Refined lady in Chinese Cheongsam

Character 7
Chinese Schoolgirl with plaits and handkerchief "

Long request. But this client is very good. Did all the necessary research for me. Saves me the time for doing all these work online.

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