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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Caricature theme - Mini Cooper

Caricatures couple Mini Cooper A4
Mini Cooper caricature this time.

This girl loves it.

Her boy boy wanted to present this caricature artwork with both of them in red Mini Cooper, to her as their third anniversary gift.

This was a urgent job, to be delivered in a few days' time.

I have so many things on hand to settle that few days, and I missed out on the wordings and the number "1803". Forgot to scan it into sofycopy too. How can I make such a mistake?!

I only found out when the client collected.

Worse was that he needed it on that same day, and it was already framed up.

Thus, I have to buy a plier from a hardware shop nearby. Take out the drawing, added in the wordings and number, scanned it and burned on cd, delivered it to my frame supplier to put it back into the frame. No choice, and the client can only collect in the evening, but at least he still can get it on the same day, but few hours late. Phew!

When I bring it back to my frame supplier, he said he was curious too. There was no number written on it. He told me previous there was a caricature drawn by me. He bought that number, and nearly strike the first price in 4D. Think he must be looking towards my car caricatures with numbers on it. Hahaha!!! Too bad. I don't buy 4D. Don't want to donate my money to Singapore Pool like that.

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