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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Outlook Express error - resolved!!!

Finally!!! Nearly wanted to change server to Usonyx (local server - faster and cheaper which I have been considering these few months. Just too lazy and busy to do all the transfer.) if they still don't resolve it by tomorrow.

My Outlook Express (OE) on my 3 computers has been giving me this error message for the past 4 days:-

"An unknown error has occurred. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL):No, Error Number: 0x80004005"

My web hosting company -Yahoo, replied my email, told me that it could have been my modem settings or I have changed my OE settings. I am very sure that it could not be these both reasons, as I didn't do anything to them. This problem persisted even if I used my M1 Broadband to check emails on OE!!!

The problem arose when I was checking email through OE on 22nd Aug morning on my laptop. Around 10:38am, it suddenly gave me this error message above. This was using my laptop, home internet connection at home. When I reached my shop, the OE on my PC gave me the same problem. Then I suspected it could have been the Microsoft automatic updates which has caused this conflict, as I still can access my email through Internet Explorer.

That evening, I used my home PC, which I have not used it for the pass few days. Surely, the automatic updates should not have done its job on it. Ran my OE. Still the same! Went online to check. The common solution is change the inbox.dbx to inbox.old. That is totally discard the old inbox and create a new one. It doesn't solve the problem at all, after a few tries.

No choice. Got to report to Yahoo on the second day, as initially, I thought I can wait for 1 day for it to resolve it automatically, but it didn't. My wishful thinking only.........

They told me about the modem and OE Settings as mentioned above. Requested for my email address and password to pinpoint the cause of this problem and explore possible solutions.

This morning, I received the reply from them - "We have reindexed your mailbox and believe this solution should resolve the issue."

Quickly went to use my OE to check. Hooray!!!! It works fine now, though I still don't know what is "reindex mailbox".

Emailed Yahoo.
".......As you have noticed, we've experienced some technical difficulties. We have corrected the issue at the server end( Reindexing your mailbox)." !@#$%^ Gave me so much problems! My previous hosting company Network Solutions didn't give me such problem.

Think I should really give it a serious thought of whether to change to Usonyx, at least I can call them direct, not incurring any IDD calls cost. At least, I can solve the problem a lot faster, no need to wait for 1 day for reply, due to time zone difference.


Alex said...

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Anonymous said...

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