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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Half day break!

Brought my kids and wife to Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East, with the complimentary tickets from my tour guide friend, Eddie. Promised them, even though my group caricatures job for Standard Chartered Bank is behind schedule.
Saw some vacant shop spaces available there. Nice size for my shop, but just too far and out of the way for my clients to come to place order and collect. Can foresee that they will end up doing so at my place in Ang Mo Kio. Then what's the point of setting up a shop there?
Another reason is that there's another caricature shop there! Surprise? Heard from my friend once. My kids are interested to paint the figurines in the shop, but the artist isn't in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jit,

I was browsing around and saw this entry. I'm the artist/cartoonist at Happy Hands, Downtown East. Wow, very impressive artwork you have done! :) Keep it up!

Wish I had started pursuing my dream earlier like you did... I only started doing this about 3 years ago :( But it's been fun...I think you know what I mean :)

See you around!

jit said...

Oh hi.
Didn't see you that day.
Saw another Peter at
Are you the same person?

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