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Sunday, August 19, 2007

M1 mobile broadband

Subscribed M1 Broadband yesterday, after finding a good excuse (finally). Hahaha.....
Need it for next Monday when I am outside.
Took the lowest price plan of 384kbps., $22.42 per month.
Try out first. If too slow, still can upgrade to 1800kps plan. - $38.72 per month.
M1 doesn't allow downgrade.
Anyway, my shop one is using Singnet 256kbps. Still acceptable, though dedicated.
Checked that I can use it when roaming in Kuantan, though need to pay roaming partners there - Celcom.
Thank goodness. No need to use dial-up anymore.
If too expensive, worse comes to worst, still can subscribe Celcom Mobile Broadband. RM$8 per day, unlimited usage, since I am there for a few days usually.
Put in the M1 3G Sim card into my P990i. No fuss. Can surf net. Hooray!!! Next time can surf without shock when receive my phone bill. 5gb is more than enough for me to surf net and check email.. Starhub is charging me about $10 for 1mb, for using the current 3G phone Sim Card to download and upload data. Damn expensive!

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