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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Upgraded my M1 Broadband plan!

After 12 days of using M1 of 384kbps, I upgraded it to 1800kbps yesterday. In fact, I can make do with 384kbps, but there's so lag in the realtime updates of the software I used. So, no choice but to upgrade it. It will take about 1 day to do the upgrade. M1 told me I can see the speed increase after 12 midnight.
Yes, the download speed is about 4 times faster, but the realtime update is still lag.
Damn! Spent more money and still the same problem!
Guess the problem lies with the software on my laptop.
Now, I can't downgrade, unless I am willing to pay them some fee to downgrade.
Sigh..... still to it lor....just my luck!!! Didn't check thoroughly...... too bullish again.....!@#$%

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