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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Caricatures for Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Considered a regular client, as they engaged my service quite often, though by different person most of the time.

Client's brief:-

".... the idea is to drive the three main themes : Talent, Team and Founding members.. So, I can picture at this point at least 2 options - one would be the Talent Show theme where everybody is performing and showcasing "different" talents,- this portrays Talent and Team. The other could be a "team" of "Explorers" on a expedition, who discover say, the "AAI Talent Practice Island" - so, the leader is seen to be hoisting the team flag on the island and the others following him hitting land."

My proposal:-
"I think the second option of "Explorers" is a more fun theme. As what you said, the leader will be hoisting the team flag on the island, while the rest either on the small boats, some stepping on the water near the shore, some on the beach, but all running in one direction towards the leader and the flag."

Her reply:-
"Hi Jit, This sounds fun. Specifically, on the big boat you could have written : The Talent Scouts and the tagline could be " Discovery of the AAI Talent Practice". "

Due to limited budget, the cliemnt opted for the ink version, which to me, should look better in colour.
Really in holiday mood when doing this job, despite the number of errands to run, which took of some of my time. Only managed to finish 90% the whole artwork in Kuantan, and the rest when back in Singapore.

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