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Monday, August 27, 2007

Caricatures for Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Second job from this Standard Chartered Bank group, after the above job about 2 years ago..
They are thinking a similar concept of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) building at 6, Battery Road for their boss below.
I proposed to have something different from the above, since he has seen and he is inside that drawing. The client agreed with a huge SCB logo, with the boss leaning against it. My initial proposal is to have him smartly sitting on it, but the client afraid that it is impolite in doing so.

Pencil sketch. Messy?

Getting clearer in ink.

Best in colour, with facial muscles being shaded in. The different colours of the clothing break the monotonous of the drawing too.
Notice the extra person?
It is added in when this group crowded in my little shop to check the spelling of the names.
They felt that it is better than the above, in terms of the sculpturing and capturing essence of the caricatures and finishing touches.

Names added in the softcopy, scanned in from the original A2 size artwork.

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