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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Caricatrue theme - wedding on Melbourne tram

Client's brief"-
"i) Caricature of us as a couple, me in a white wedding gown and my bf in a black suit;
ii) A university of melbourne logo in the background (please write the word "The University of Melbourne" near the logo) (that's our uni); and
iii) A picture of the melbourne tram (tram colour to be yellow and green as per picture and tram sign to say 'Melbourne') in the background (to symbolise Melbourne, the place where we met). I have also enclosed a picture of your caricature of a couple in a beetle. Would like to have something like that with the tram replacing the beetle, is it possible? Do include some colourful confetti flying around as how you did with the beetle picture to add more colour to the picture."

A new caricature theme! Outcome quite good. Added the word "Melbourne" on the tram front, instead of in the background.

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