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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Distorted prints

See this job I have done previously? This is the original artwork in softcopy.

See this snapshot standee printout they have emailed me?
The client asked me why the board turned out to be square when they requested for a rectangle in landscape format?
I cut out a rectangular cardboard as template for all the caricatures. How can it turn out to be square? After seeing the files on my pc, checking through my blog to double-confirm, I am very sure that the squarish board was not due to the mistake made on my side. My conclusion was that the printer changed the proportion by pulling it up vertically, to get the life-size height.
Now, I was being 'accused'. In fact, I was unhappy seeing this. As a professional printer, he shouldn't distort the artwork like that. Even though this is a caricature, there's a certain proportion we will take into consideration when drawing. It doesn't mean that you distort in any direction, and it will still be alright. Now the printed caricature looked so awkward. I told them the printer should answer for this, and not me.

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