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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Caricature for Ogilvy

Very long brief from them:-

"Mike (our boss) is leaving Singapore and moving to the New York.Thus, I'm looking at having him running across the bridge between 2 islands(one island with a Singapore skyline and the other island with a New York skyline).The focus should be more of the Singapore island and him running across the bridge.The reason why I say this, is because I need to show that there are somethings chasing after him from the Singapore island.And there should 3 main things running or flying after him - a HUGE Kotex sanitary pad, a HUGE Huggies diaper and a HUGE American Express Blue Box -All should look naughty and evil... I've drawn a rough scamp for your reference. Just to give you a perspective, but feel free to recommend other layouts.I've also attached some reference visuals for you.Singapore skyline - Should include the tall CBD skyline, the Esplanade and the Merlion (plus any other Singaporean icons that you can think of).(See attached file: Singapore Skyline.jpg)New York skyline , in background - Should include the tall skyscrapers(such as Empire state building), the Statue of Liberty and lots of yellow taxis(See attached file: New York - Lady.jpg)(See attached file: New York Skyline.jpg)Baby Diapers - Need to look like the baby ones, White in colour , and should have a suttle Huggies Logo on it at a corner. Please make sure that it has a evil looking face.(See attached file: Disposable_Baby_Diaper.jpg)(See attached file:Huggies%20logo.jpg)Sanitary Pad - Can be flying and running on the bridge. White in colour with a blue strip in the middle, should have a suttle Kotex logo on it at ac orner. Please make sure that it has an evil / naughty looking face.(See attached file: Visual of New Pad.jpg)(See attached file:kotex_logo.gif)Blue Box - This is to represent American Express. Using the logo and makeit like a big blue box with a mean face, also running after him. Please follow reference in terms of styling.(See attached file: Amex Blue Logo.jpg)The hero - Mike - He should look like he is desperately running across the bridge to get away from the evil looking diapers / pads and boxes. He needs to look scared. It will be nice if he can be wearing a baby diaper too. He's Caucasian, thus please ensure that he is does not look too tan.(See attached file: Mike Photo.JPG)Look and feel - we will like the overall look and feel to be funny and bright colurs. Perhaps you might want to consider doing the fish-eye effect, whereby the focus is more the hero and the evil things running after him."

Didn't draw his desperate and scared look as the photo supplied is a smiling one. Can't change the facial muscle like that, as everyone facial muscle changes differently.
Upon seeing the final artwork, the client said she need more pampers, sanitary pads and AMEX boxes.
Saw on her brief of "a HUGE Kotex sanitary pad, a HUGE Huggies diaper and a HUGE American Express Blue Box ", but she said her sketch provided has a few more of each.
She also added in the caption, as she needs to fill up the empty space of the whole drawing.
No choice, but to take it out of the frame and add in, but can only collect the next day, as I need my framing guy to seal the frame.

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