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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Comic Illustrations for NTUC

Client's request to illustrate PMO Minister Lim Swee Say's speech of 2 scenarios:-
when buyer, supplier and worker work hand in hand. It will be a sunny day. Cliff with greenery.

If they don't work together, it will be a stormy day, whereby the buyer on a rocky cliff, supplier hanging on the cliff, and the struggling worker in the deep red sea.

They will be using this in an exhibition on one of the display panels.
She promised to send me a photo of the setup on site when it is done.
Hopefully we have the chance to see it here.
The above 2 illustrations were ink on hardcopy, and later scanned into Photoshop and rendered.
I used a softer rendering method for the thunder stormy background, while a flat tone (cartoon effect) for the foreground, to give the 2 illustrations a more contrasting effect between the former and latter. Wanted to do so for the sunny cloud part, but think that it looks better like with lines and flat tone. In addition, a clearer cloud (sunny) contrasting with a less defined outline stormy cloud will give a better impact, implying an unforeseen circumstances ahead for the second illustration.

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