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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Moving soon.....

Paid rental today.
Wanted to renew contract for my shop, which the management hasn't gotten back to me after 1 month. Can you imagine? And they said need 3 months advance notice for renewal.
Asked them again. That girl who collected the rental forgot to pass the message. Damn! Who's going to bear the responsibility?!

I am quite pissed off with the management since the first few days here. They switched off the aircon and lights around 2pm plus. Asked them how am I going to do business here when the whole storey is in the dark? They said contract stated they will on them when deemed fit. Damn!!! Win liao lor!!! Before signing the contract, everything is ok. Told me aircon off only at 10pm, not 8pm+ when I happened to pop by days before signing the contract.

After signing, they get the boss out to speak to me, said everything goes according terms and conditions stated in the contract. What the hell is that? I really felt cheated. He told me Republic Plaza also stops the escalator, lights and aircon early. I paid for the maintenance fee of $500. !@#$%^ He told me if I need them to be on, I need to pay extra for the PUB bills.
What's worse was that after I have moved in, then the tenants around me told me that this China Square Food Centre will be pulled down in March 2008. Nearly fainted after hearing that. Spent few thousands doing up the place, and I can only use it for less than 3 years.

Since I have signed the contract and everything done, I will just have to make do with it. They still switch off the aircon, but don't dare to switch off the lights after I make a fuss at their office.
My clients knew this place. I am getting more walk-ins everyday. To fully utilise my renovation and startup costs, I renewed my contract last October. Now, time for another renewal.

They told me that at most can renew till 28th March 2008.
After that, they will revamp this place, either pull down or renovate this building.
No plan yet.
Think they just don't want to reveal anything yet.
Don't tell me there's no plan so far. Less than 9 months left.

Knew the deadline is March next year, but didn't realise it is so near till today.
Wanted to rent a unit in The Arcade, but taken up by a photocopying service shop, after more than 9 months of vacancy. Thought can bargain with them the rental, given its long vacancy.
Now, got to hunt around for a new place. I am looking for unit around Raffles Place area. Any good suggestions?

Now that my exposure on internet is getting better due to my consistent blogging effort etc, I don't think leaving this place is of too much loss to me. Like the lower rental here, but pissed off with those idiots upstairs. Anyway, a portrait shop in a food centre isn't that professional and ideal. Moving out is just a matter of time. Initial plan of choosing this location is to test the market, whether I can survive in a food centre in Raffles Place. Time has proven that I have done even better, as compared to in Clarke Quay and in Orchard Road. Think the next step is to look for a more ideal location. But I can foresee the rental will increase by at least 50% - 100% or more. Inevitably, my prices will have to go up. I can't be bearing the cost hike all by myself, though I am currently bearing the 2% hike in GST on my drawing materials, season parking etc.......

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