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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Caricature for Ritz Carlton, SIngapore

This is another client from Ritz Carlton.
She wanted the same concept which I have done for her colleague for the previous job.
If possible, I usually won't draw the same design unless the clients insisted.
At least, I will try to do something different.
She agreed.

This is meant as a farewell gift.
The main guy (in the centre, foreground) is from the Food and Beverage (F&B) department. For him, I have him holding a wine glass, toasting. The other 2 guys next to him also from F&B, holding wine bottle. The guy on extreme right is in charge of banquet - have him dining. . The extreme left one is the lounge manager - so on a sofa.
The second row:-
From the left, first guy is the room service manager, so with a trolley, serving food.
Next to him, the secretary of the main guy, jotting down appointments and notes for him.
Next to secretary, the manager of the Green Restaurant - a plate of salad in her hand.
Next to her, the concierge manager - checking available rooms on a PC.
On extreme right, this guy is in chatge of the Chinese Restaurant. So I have him in Chinese Cheongsam with "DimSum" in his hand.
Third row:-
From the left:- in charge of the dish-washing, if I remember correctly.
Next to him, in charge of Snapper Restaurant. Drawn a fish for him.
The 3 guys behind has left Ritz Carlton, but wanted to join in and present him this farewell gift.

Started inking before constructing/sketching the Ritz Carlton building.
A different process, as I don't want the many construction lines of the building messing up the pencil sketches of the caricatures. Another reason was that I don't like to draw buildings, with so many repetitions in the windows. Tried to leave it to the last stage.
Didn't inking still at this stage, as the faces are inked in. Didn't want to smudge the ink while constructing the lines. (The ink is sticky even when it is dried, till colour marker added in.)

Added in the inked outline of the building after the colouring of the caricatures were done.

Finally done!!! Phew!!! Took me about 2 hours on this building alone, which is equivalent to the time to draw about 3-4 caricatures. But this time, the building turned out a lot better than the previous one, at least it was an improvement!!! Glad!

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