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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cartoon illustrations for First Ship Lease Pte Ltd

These cartoon illustrations are for their IPO Closing Dinner slide presentation which will be held at Olive Ristorante @Labrador park, Labrador Villa Road this Friday evening. I will be sketching 3 scenarios for them in colour too.

They requested pencil sketch previews before the final artwork illustrations.

Picture 1 "The Conference Call"Left part: Guy with sunglasses and cigar plus sexy girl in a convertibledriving fast and having a cellphone to his ear.Right part: A few guys and girls in business attire around a conferencetable on a conference call - hearing static from the guy in the convertiblewho is patched into the call.

Picture 2 "Suicidal Tendencies"A guy (with untidy hair) in a hotel bed sitting upright and watching CNBC at3 am in the morning seeing how all STI stocks are down by 5% (all red) andthinking to himself that he might have to commit suicide the next day byjumping from the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Picture 3 "Bankrupt Issuer"Two guys and one girl successively offering their credit cards at checkoutin a 5 star hotel - all credit cards are declined as the credit line is exhausted.

Picture 4 "Analyst Joys"4 am in the morning - one guy and one girl (intimidated faces) huddledbehind their computer screens with two guys (mean faces) standing behindthem and holding a whip to make sure that the analysts work faster, longerand don't fall asleep.

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lol nice work

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