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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Live sketching for Dior Addict - day 3

Last day - 12pm - 4pm. After this event, I got to rush back home to finish up the other clients' order, due in the coming week.

This lady requested me to sketch from her makeover photo, as she can't hold her smile for long.

Daryl doing the make-up demonstration to the public on the model.

The model for this Dior Addict event.

Her next baby will be due in a few days time.

One of the staff longing to get her caricature done by me, given that today will be my last day here.

Some time left before reaching 4pm. Siti had some of their photos cut out, asked me to paste and draw some cartoon bodies etc to decorate this paper up. It was meant as a farewell gift to the 'mother kangaroo'. She will be leaving the company to Australia for good. Hence, I drew a kangaroo leaping from Singapore to Australia, with Sydney Opera house and Merlion in the background. Usually, I won't do such things, as it will kill my life as an portrait artist/caricaturist. It was an exception for these new friends.

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