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Sunday, March 25, 2007

sketches for a mosquito mascot

This was an order from US.
He search for cartoon mosquitos online and found mine as the most suitable for his mascot to be used on his forum online. He emailed me, asking for permission. However, that mosquito mascot I had done for 9 Koi Marketing belonged to that company. He didn't have the right to use it.
I proposed to redesign a new mascot for him. He will have the copyright to use it anywhere he wanted. After spme thoughts, he agreed.
His request for the mosquito was "Something with personality... maybe even an attitude? Maybe some goggles, a scarf, and a bent nose? Something cool and tough just might be marketable and well worth the investment."
These are the sketches I had come out for the first round.

He preferred body posture of Option J but eye contact of Option K.
I further developed based on his comments and came out with the following sketches with colour scheme.

These are not the final product. Waiting for his reply after getting comments from his 2 sons. So far, he likes the colour and Option B. He will use it temporary on his forum. Don't know the url yet. Will ask him and put up here later.

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