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Friday, April 13, 2007

Live sketching for Dior Addict - day 1

Had hard time posting all these photos. It was the only post so far with so many photos. This was a 3 day event held at Takashimaya, at Ngee Ann City for Christian Dior for their new lipstick - Dior Addict ~ Ultra-Gloss Reflect. My job is to sketch the customers after they had done their makeover. They got the free makeover which includes hairdo, make-up, photo-shooting and lip sketching if they spent $100 on Christian Dior products. Worth it right? In fact , I have sketched for this company last year for the Rouge Dior launch last year. But it was too dimmed that I can't snap any photos. I was told to sketch the guests' profile (simple stroke) with a hint of red on their lips (see the first image below; a display I had done up for that event). As most of them had problem recognising their own profile (they seldom see their profile; usually front view as seen in mirrors). Profile may look cool and sleek, but front views were more popular, based on my experience. Thus, I proposed to sketch the front view this time. The client agreed. Long hour for the first day - 10am - 2pm and 5pm - 7pm.

Display artwork for Rouge Dior eventlast year.

The first customer.

Think the following are either artistes, models, and reporters, as the first hour was for them. Thus the first 1.5 hour, I was dead busy sketching.

Added in more details for her profile, different from the Rouge Dior approach.

This lady wanted a front portrait view, without the lipstick.

Christian Dior's Staff from here onwards. I drew them into caricatures which is always popular, and they loved it.


Mark Tang - celebrities make-up artist.

Sean Lau, the photographer.

Daryl, the make up artist.

One of the customers.

My sketching site.

Some photos of me in action, from Sean the photographer.

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