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Monday, April 09, 2007

Caricatures for DHL

This caricature of tennis-themed was done last June for the client's boss.
He loved it very much, according to the client's feedback.
This time, the boss ordered 2 caricatures for his 2 CEO(? If I remembered correctly) friends of different corporates as gifts (birthday?) for them.

This gentleman likes IT stuff. The client's request a theme of multi-tasking for him. I had him working in from of his PC, with a Blackberry on the desk, bluetooth headset, and a radio in the background (all client's request). Though current radio without the antenna sticking out, I still drew in to make it more obvious, instead of a strand out from it.
An interesting face to draw, as he has unique features.

This gentleman likes scuba diving. In order not to block his face with the goggles and the equipment, I had him in the posture of about to dive in. Sharks in the background was to spice up the caricatures more, instead of a plain water.

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