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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Caricature theme - piggy back home

1:24 am. I should be sleeping at this hour. (My friend Wilfred slept at 9pm just now! Waliao, some people's life just so good!) Need to finish this caricature and send for framing later in the morning. Another group caricatures of APB to be done and send for framing too, later in the evening. Both orders collecting this Thursday noon. So no choice, got to burn midnight oil.
This theme was requested by the client. He wanted to piggy-back his girlfriend to a small hut. He was wearing Chinese Shirt with Mandarin collar, while she was wearing those costumes a century ago - don't know what it should be called in English. I had some hens in front of the little hut, and added in a well. Notice the God of Door on the door? To go according to the Chinese theme ma.

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