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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Pinnacle - day 1

A very early event, from 8 am - 9am, held at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Got to leave home at 7am.
The name of this event Singapore Structured Credit Conference CDO & ABS Asia Pacific 2007. Very long. As the time I was engaged for this event was the delegates' breakfast time, they were too engrossed with the nice food on the tables. On top of that, I was placed rather out of the way from the main traffic flow. Hence, not many caricatures done.
The client requested me to come back during lunch time for today and tomorrow, but I can't make it as this was a last minute notice. I didn't have enough time to inform my other clients who will be collecting during lunch time from my gallery for these 2 days. Thus, I rejected tehir request.
Caricatures done for today at this event:-

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