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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Live sketching for Dior Addict - day 2

Second day - 12pm - 7pm. Less people sketched. Quite strange as today was Saturday. Should be crowded but didn't see much crowd.

While her mum was doing the makeover, she had her caricature done.

The mum.

The hairstylist. Something happened after I had finishing sketching him. The big boss of Christian came and told him that this service was meant for customers and Christian Dior staff. He had to pay if he wanted to be sketched. ???!!! Didn't know he was not Christian Dior staff, as he was styling the hair of the customers here too. After this, all those non-staff didn't dare to sit on this chair.

Done these 2 samples of lips with the Dior Addict from the model photos on the brochure.

Scanned version of the samples.

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