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Friday, April 13, 2007

Busy Busy Busy......

No time to upload the photos of the drawings I have done this week. My customers have been chasing for the softcopies for their keepsake. Though these softcopies taken with camera are given out of business goodwill, meaning can wait (hahaha.......), but should drag on so long. My works are piling up. 19th and 20th a lot of deadlines. One of them is a job for Philip Morris - 52 caricatures, and I am still at the 50% of the pencil sketch. Damn slow. Don't know how I am going to finish them. What's worse is that I will be sketching for a 3 day event from today till Sunday. That eats into my drawing time. Weekend is usually my time to clear all the unclear orders during weekdays.
Alamak, my income tax form not done too. Deadline is drawing near. Sick. 5 more days only.
Again, I am disappointing my visitors who frequent this blog daily. Don't worry, they will be up, just give me some time. Perhaps next weekend, you should see them up, posted before this post, as they have been saved as draft.

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