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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am still alive.......

Yes. No posting of my drawings for more than 1 week. Finally I managed to tide over the crisis. Hahaha..... My clients were chasing behind me for the past few days. No time to read through all the emails in details. Sometimes, I call them up to clarify, rather than replying to and fro through emails. Now, finally I have finished the 52 caricatures of Philip Morris, some individual and corporate orders. Just post to let you know that I didn't desert this blog, just that I am.... still that same boring word....BUSY!!!!!!
Still no drawings to post up yet. Tomorrow I will be sketching for 2 events, 4pm - 6pm and 7pm - 10pm. Thus, my gallery will be closed at 3pm.
Still many orders to be cleared this weekend.
Hopefully I can post up some drawings these few days.....

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