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Friday, March 30, 2007

Perspective illustration for Blue Screen Production Pte Ltd

This was the 3D job which kept me busy for the whole week, and shacked after this.
Good relief that it was finally done! And hopefully no changes....... then it will be considered job closed.
These were the visuals for ABN-Amro NRI Credit Card Launch in Asian Civilisation Museum on the 27th April 2007. Blue Screen engaged my service to create these visuals for their client.

This ballroom (River Room) was created in 3dsmax. In fact, I can go down to shoot some photos and used it as the background, modelled the cones, planters , showcase and stage in 3dsmax. That should save me quite some time. But being lazy, and also felt that I may not get the angle I want. The security guards may not allow me to wind up blinds at the door etc...... I decided to model the ballroom in 3dsmax.
What were done in Photoshop editing were the cocktail tables, the volume light effects on the stage (this will take a long time to create the effect in 3dsmax), the human silhouettes, teh artifacts, and the lantern lights hanging down from the ceiling. No point modeling this since I can cut and paste from the photos provided. All these saved me time on other parts of the project.

This is the river terrace visual. I modelled the lighted sphere, sitting platform, cushions and bolsters, plinth with lighting systems, stage for the musicians. Then the rest were all done in Photoshop.
The first part of the visual was editing the background. The photo given was in the daylight, without the tent. I tried dimming down the sky and building, but the result looked fake. I went to Google Iamge and Flickr to search for Boat Quay's night scenes. The latter was better in terms of resolution. I cut and paste in. The result was convincing. (Later, I found out that the night scene was taken along Clarke Quay river bank. Hahaha... Hack care. No one can tell after the umbrella and lighting with silhoutte pasted in.) The tent was also cut and pasted. Of course with some editing. It will take a long time to create the cloth effect at this scale, in fact impossible, taking into consideration of the tight timeframe and amount of work involved.

This was all done in 3dsmax. It was a walkway leading into the River Room, where the black part was. Quite lucky in getting this lighting effect with a few hours. The Rangoli effect on both sides of the text, within the frame was created and edited in Photoshop to use as map before putting into this scene. In fact, the client wanted the Rangoli (made of rice) for the text too. I told them that the details won't be seen at this scale. So they didn't insist on it. They will tell the client verbally instead.

This was the reception area. Quite simple as compared to the first 3 visuals above. The only 3d modeling done in this visual were the pedals in front and the frame work with the ABN-AMRO watermark behind. The spotlight in the middle. In front was the while cloth. The highlight on the cloth was done in Photoshop. So were the rest. There was an existing painting and chairs in the original photo provided. I needed to clone and wash them away. The 2 Indian Statues and Rangoli on the floor and flower decorations above the door was edited in Photoshop, with shadows added. Oh yar, the Indian pot with lights was also modelled in 3dsmax (from previous scene) and pasted in here.
P/S: These 4 visuals were posted based on the time (also priority) I finished them. In fact it should be in sequence of reception, walkway, River Room, and River Terrace.

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