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Friday, February 23, 2007

I am back!!!

Yes, backed to Singapore last night.
Considered fully charged after eating, sleeping and enjoying life for the past few days. Really a big fat year 大肥年! Hahaha..........
I had saved the posts (about 10) as drafts for the past week while I was in Malaysia. Taken so many photos and eaten so many good food cooked by my mum, but the dial-up there was just too slow to upload any photos. So, for the next few days, please scroll down this blog to see any new updates.

Felt so guilty in not doing any work, this was the only drawing I had done during this Chinese New Year. Then later gave up and decided to have a good break and rest, for the next few days.
Now back and cried over my piles of work. Hahaha.....

This caricature order had to be delivered by tomorrow morning. This couple will used it for the wedding invitation card. No bride and groom suit. Noticed the guy's shirt? Yes, he wanted the same design as I have done for the guy in this caricature.

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