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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

some drawings

This caricature was meant for the client's (from U21Global) boss. She wanted to illustrate her boss fun at work at his big desk, with computer, calculator and mini golf set.
I had him squatting on his armchair, with a fountain pen on his ear, to make it more fun, instead of the normal posture of sitting on the manager chair.

The following were some drawings done yesterday. No time to post up.

Portraits in simple sketch, with pencil.

A birthday gift.
Again, my Sony D717 gave me that C-13 memory stick errors, since CNY. Few days back still fine. Sick. Got to throw back to the service centre again. They never seem to be able to correct this problem thoroughly. It came back every few months, especially after the 3 months warranty that came with the service. I had to use my P990i to take the drawings above. Though the result not very ideal, but still acceptable.

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