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Friday, February 09, 2007


Not about me, but from a customer of that 'artist' who used my caricatures and portraits on eBay to get sales from himself. Still remember? If not, please see here.
This customer searched for his userid online and found my posts and dropped me an email yesterday.

Boy, I wish I'd seen your post on before I dealt with this guy!

This person has to be just about the most unhelpful ebayer I've come across and I am wondering if he is still showing your work in his advertisements because, if he is, it might help in my dispute with him...

He's now using the name portalite and I bought a caricature from him on Ebay UK.

It left a lot to be desired, was not what I expected, and there were some errors he refuses to put right. The caricature was meant to be an anniversary gift for my husband, but it's spoilt now and Mr Chen is being very unpleasant...

First of all he gave us both brown eyes (we both have blue eyes) - he said they look brown in the photo and that he'd have to re-do the whole thing to change them and he's not prepared to do this.

Secondly, I asked him to draw me without the tiara in the photo I sent him (he said he never got the message and did the tiara anyway)

Thirdly (i didn't mention this in my complaint, but I was a bit upset!) he gave me a huge double chin and I don't even have one! I know a caricature is a send-up, but this was a bit over the top and not what I'd seen advertised. It was meant to be a romantic gift.

I've attached his work with the photos...see what you think?

Please let me know if he is still showing your work...

I think she did mentioned about me in her email to that 'artist'. Hence he being those 小人, came to my blog to search for his name, see if I write any updated comments about him. Haha... I knew. How? I can't reveal.
If you are so free and interested in this matter, you may visit this post on eBay sent by that customer to me. She posted up on eBay yesterday and updated me on that. Now it is one of the hottest thread on that discussion board. Don't know why - everytime someone posted on that board, I got an email alert. Just last night alone, I have over 200 alerts in my mailbox. Is it a default setting on my eBay account?

He didn't used my artworks now. Though his caricatures are not very contrasting in terms of rendering, he still can draw. Still understand why he wanted to use my artworks then?

Anyway, this problem posted on eBay can be easily resolved. Given that he's sending the softcopy to that customer, just change the colour of the eyes digitally on the softcopy. It just takes him less than 15mins to do it, and saves all those trouble and posting replies on that board. The time wasted on that can be otherwise well-spent on other caricatures. Being stubborn? Maybe.

Don't want to step my feet into this issue by posting replies there. I have to complete 15 caricatures by tomorrow for Lenovo. More jobs to clear before Chinese New Year, and have no time to keep track of those replies. Back to my drawing desk.

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