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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Caricatures for Lenovo - celebrity caricatures

Finally done!!! 3:40am now. Damn tired! I have been drawing since 10pm till now non-stop, just for the last 10 caricatures. The client will be collecting from my home at 10am later (from order confirmation till collection - 36 hours) . She messaged me to check if I can send to Vivocity tomorrow. The price I quoted didn't include delivery. Anyway, I can't do it too, as I need to look after my 2 kids at home. While drawing these caricatures, I have decided to stop taking in any new orders collecting before or on Valentine's Day, maybe even for the whole of next week. No fun if I work like a drawing machine. I don't want to work till this hours everyday. I still need to drive back to my hometown, Kuantan next Saturday. The journey is about 5.5 to 6 hrs. If my daughter doesn't cry on the way, it should be fine. But most likely it won't be the case. Hence, I am really stressed these few weeks. How can I concentrate on my driving while she is crying at her highest pitch. OMG!!!! I need a good rest too, at least an early sleep next Friday night. Tons of work to clear before I leave for Chinese New Year holidays, though still have to draw during that few days. Sigh...........

Ok, back to this job.
The client wanted to use this celebrity caricatures as masks in a game in which the contestants will use this mask to cover their face, before revealing their own face. Then they will let the judges to compare the resemblance. The request of these caricatures was not to look too comical, and not too realistic like portraits. Since they only need the face, I didn't draw in the torso, but they had to be of life-sized. Thus, I had to draw big. The difficulties I faced here were I can't get the resemblance easily at this size. The distance between the paper and my eyes was too near. Usually I worked at a smaller scale. Hence, not all these caricatures were satisfactory.

First one to start with - Mr Bean. I thought I captured his resemblance closely at the original size. Now, at a smaller scale, so-so only.

Famous character in Singapore - Phua Chu Kang.
The photo was given by the client. Not very ideal. I searched on Google images, but couldn't get a good one. Thus, I used the photo provided by the client.

Very curious and longing to see this person who thought that he/she looked like Yoda. How close can he/she get, in terms of resemblance?

绝对Superstar Chen Wei Lian (陈维联). Not very good. Thought I can get it with ease initially.

Evelyn Tan 陈毓芸.......Hmmmm.....looked quite alright at the original size, but not at this scale.
Haiz....... Could it be the size, or the tight timeframe, which caused me to panic?! I think both.

Thought it was one of the best among these 15 caricatures initially. But looking it at this scale - no. Looked more like Tomb Raider than Angelina Jolie. Hahaha.......

Natalie Imbruglia - This was the biggest face drawn, out of the 15. Filled up almost the whole of A3 paper. Sorry, but don't know who she was, but looked quite chio at certain angles.

Ayumi Hamasaki - looked like those girls in Japanese comics to me. Not sure of her actual features in fact.

Jay Chou 周杰伦 - at least a closer one.

Sharon Aw 欧菁仙。Acceptable.

小猪罗志祥。 One of the closer one.

S.H.E. Ella. Not really good, a bit off.

Kelly Chan 陈慧琳。 Ok, but not chio.

Singapore Idol Hary Mirza. Hah, don't think he looked like that, but I think I should get quite close to the photo provided. Wished I can redo this with a better photo.

Fann Wong 范文芳。 The client wanted her straight hair. A bit off on her features. Quite a failure.

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