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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Caricatures for Asia Pacific Brewery - 群英会

Remembered the Supreheroes-themed caricatures I have done for APB a few months back?

This was the second part, for the guy dressed as Tripitaka 唐僧, who delayed his stay in the company. This time round, they wanted to portray themselves as 黄飞鸿,武则天,包青天,杨过,小龙女,二郎神,武松,小李飞刀李寻欢,步惊云,无名 and 聂风. The new one in this drawing is the lady as 小龙女. She was the secretary for this main guy.
In order to make them more believable and closer to these characters, I sketched out their faces as in the photos, but removed the glasses later on, changed their hairstyle, added on moustaches and beards etc. Hence, after the makeover, they may have hardtime recognising themselves in this drawing. Hahaha.....
To make it consistent, I added in a black background, instead of trees and clouds. I painted in the black part this time, not cut-out and pasted on a black mounting board like the previous one.

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