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Friday, February 16, 2007

Out of town next week!

Yeah! I am off for my Chinese New Year holiday tomorrow.
Rather Kiasu. I will be driving off around 5am+ (dunno whether can wake up), as I don't want to be caught at the custom for a few hours). Hopefully, I won't be blocked by those 'official road pirates' on my way back. I would expect a number of road blocks along the way. Pray hard!!!
So from 17th feb 2007 till 23rd feb 2007, I will be in Malaysia.
Portrait Workshop will be closed during this period.
Business resumes on 26th feb 2007.
You may still contact me at during this period.
As I will be using dial-up while back in my hometown, Kuantan, so I may not blog so often. May have hardtime uploading the photos too. Sigh..... I still have to finish some orders during this holiday.....
Sorry, no time to send out e-greeting cards this year.
Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

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