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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

10 cents Subway burger

Long queue right? This was what I saw at China Square Food Centre this afternoon, around 3pm. Just as what I thought, there must be some freebies or goodies to be given out. These scenarios can be easily seen in Singapore. I asked the noodle stall owners. He said it was like almost free. Subway was selling every burger at 10 cents each, only between 3pm and 4pm. (Not sure whether it is only for today.)
Hmmmm........ Most of these people in the queue looked like working nearby. Don't they have to work? Or was their lunchtime at this late hours? Just like what I see at the Toto and 4D shop in the Arcade. Those people seemed like don't have to work,. They can queue for up to 20 - 30mins to buy the 4Ds and Totos. Are those people in the queue the bosses? If not, what would they tell their boss for disappearing in the office? Or their colleagues sent them to buy the 4Ds and Totos for them, while they will shield them when the boss asked? Puzzled...........

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my freakingggg godddd..hehe I am the client for this masterpiece and boy am I excited abt it!! It's puuurrrfect! I love glad i got to c it b4 collecting i noe i'm gonna run to ur shop at lunchtime! Cheers Jit!!

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