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Monday, February 05, 2007

Caricature theme - Night Safari SIngapore

It was a Valentine's gift from the lady to her boyfriend. She dressed in this big zipped pouch when she first met him. Can't remember why she wanted him to dress in a hippo mascot costume, as she place this caricatrue order 2 weeks ago. The car behind them was her boyfriend's over 30 years old car.
I was supposed to start work on this caricature last Saturday, but the draft with her requests was lost. Thus, I needed her to come to my gallery today to tell me what she required. The Night Safari was a new request made today. Hence, I added in an owl and a giraffe, with a Night Safari signboard. Hmmmm.... Should have added in a howling wolf silhouette against the big moon and night sky. Hahaha.........

Client with her friend.
Both of them wanted to have a photo taken in my gallery, together with the framed caricatures.
Heard from her talking to her friend that she used to patronize my push-cart in Clarke Quay often. Wow, that was at least 4 years ago!!! I am getting old liao........
(Updated on 7th Feb 2007, 2:15pm.)

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