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Monday, February 12, 2007

fourth draft for BCA

Juggling with my jobs on hand. Now back to the illustration for Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore. This was the fourth draft, and hopefully no more changes, and straight to the actual vector artwork illustration. I added in labels on the illsutrations with annotations on the right. Also made some amendments to the comments like larger green etc.
Sigh..... life is tough. Just rejected an urgent one-day-delivery order. That client was my customer when I was drawing in Clarke Quay. The orders for this coming week was full. I am overworked, having a tough time in clearing orders this week before going for the Chinese New Year holidays. I keep telling myself life is not work, but my life just surrounds with work. This is very sad. If I don't work hard, how am I supposed to pay off the high monthly overheads etc? No joke! My money drains off from my bank account almost everyday. I have to keep pumping in money. Can't imagine if one day when this drawing machine breaks down........what will happen? And now, I have been coughing my lungs out for the past few weeks. Looks like no mandarin oranges this new year. Shit.... cough still must eat a bit. Mandarin orange is one of the stuff which gives me the atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

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