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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ABC Waters Exhibition

My NUS architect friend Wern Iu told me on Monday that the perspectives I have done for them (CH2M) were displayed at the Asian Civilisation Museum at Empress Place. He was there yesterday, and saw Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the opening ceremony. He said
that now I can tell people my perspectives were seen by the PM. Xiao!!! PM had seen some many things, his face and his desgns too. Will he feel any different? I am not keen to see PM, but keen to see how they displayed my work.
I went there after work just now, to take some photos as portfolio and post on my blog.
Reading through the brochure, ABC Waters meant for Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters for all. Public Utilities Board (PUB) aimed to beautify the canals in Singapore, and bring life to the waters in which you could carry your canoe down to the canal in your HDB estate and paddle in it. Or you could sit by a pretty gurgling river and aenjoy a satay meal etc......
You may want to hop in to take a look at the exhibition. It will be on till this coming Sunday. Free admission.
Here are some photos I have taken at the gallery.

Entrance to the gallery. As I was rushing for time, I dashed in and stopped here, wondering how come there's no displays on the ABC Waters stuff. Am I in the wrong room? Hahaha...... didn't notice the video projection was on the vertical blinds. How silly!!!

Out of my expectation. There were people who were interested in such exhibition. Haha.....
So 'eng' (free).....and yet I have to squeeze out 20 mins to go down to take a look.

Dadada......My works.

Part of the blueprints.

On plasma TV in the exhibition gallery.

What they were going to do to Kolam Ayer in a few years time.

Only got to see this screw and wheel today.
I modelled based on their drawings in the perspectives.

Mannequin canoeing on the Kolam Ayer Canal.
Looked quite real at this angle.

One of my perspective illustrations on the brochure cover.

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