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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Portrait for Beaumont Publishing

This portrait of Johann Rupert in pen and brush.
This will be used in their publications.
Think this gentleman was a famous person.
The photo provided by the client was very blurred.
Thus, I requested for his full name and search online.
Surprisingly, I found quite a number of his photos on Google image.

The following were past jobs done for Beaumont Publishing for their client - Swatch Group.

This old Singapura map illustration was to be used on the face of a watch.
The shoreline at that time (Malay Peninsula colonial period) was rather different from today's.
There were more plantations and swampy area those days.

This style was a unique scratchboard style, in which I scratched out the black part (aof a black-coated paper), revealing the white lines, using cross-hatching style.
First time doing this. It was different from using pen sketching on white paper. I have more freedom for the latter. This scratchboard style had to follow the contour of the facial muscle, and continuous one. Tough.

Portrait in colourpencil.
Can't remember who he was, perhaps from Swatch Group.

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